"i am an atheist, by inheritance. i came to know god experientially,
from being fucked in the ass - over and over and over again. [...]
there it was: god's big experience, his subtle humour and potent
presence, manifested in my ass - well, it sure is one way to get
a sceptic's attention."

toni bentley, the surrender: an erotic memoir [2004]

"a slut shares her sexuality the way a philantropist shares
his money - because they have a lot to share, because it
makes them happy to share it, because sharing makes the
world a better place."

dossie easton & catherine liszt, the ethical slut:
a guide to infinite sexual possibilities [1997]

"sex and drugs and rock and roll
is all my brain and body need.
sex and drugs and rock and roll
is very good indeed."

ian dury, sex and drugs and rock and roll [1977]

~ about lupo ~

born 2067
star signs gemini, pig
occupation luxe-member, cce-cat, slut
sex bi, bdsm (bottom), doggy position
drugs spank, ikarus, another world
rock 'n' roll reggaeton, k-pop, industrial, hip-hop
turnons men & women in uniform, tattoos, hispanic accents, lapdance
turnoffs hairy butts, candlelight dinners, monster cocks & giant boobs
wet dream a gangbang with tattooed latino boys in uniform - and lynx watching while his uniformed asian or latino punk girl gives him an excellent blowjob

~ what's my perversion? ~

favourite toy [by zwille] my butt plug